Our Services

Family financial wealth is a wonderful advantage and can sometimes pose challenges for people’s lives. We act as a guide, planning resource and management office for our clients as they navigate this landscape.

Financial Stewardship

Financial Stewardship Services are delivered by a team of lawyers, accountants, investment professionals and support staff who oversee financial wealth with purpose, diligence, and excellence.

  • Financial Planning & Coordination

    We equip our clients with a purposeful plan for the management of family wealth including capital preservation, sustainable spending and long-term investment practices.

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting

    We provide budgeting, control, recordkeeping, bill-pay, cash management and accounting services for our clients. This includes their trusts, investment partnerships, foundations and business entities.

  • Investment Counsel

    We help our clients navigate the design and oversight of investment programs aimed at succeeding in long-term multigenerational financial wealth preservation. Investing toward this goal requires intention and care.*

  • Business Consulting

    Clients considering new business ventures and managing established family businesses rely on Chronicle for strategic planning, management, budgeting, and succession planning.

Legacy Building

Through Legacy Building Services we guide our clients in designing plans and focusing activity to leave a lasting positive impact on their families and the world around them.

  • Legacy Planning

    We help our clients define the legacy they want to live and develop strategies to bring their plans to fruition.

  • Managing Shared Family Resources

    Many clients have resources that are managed and shared among family members; we help them do this in a positive and sustainable way. Chronicle helps to facilitate governance, organize meetings and management structures.

  • Philanthropy

    We support clients’ charitable activities through helping strengthen their impact through mission and vision planning, as well as tracking and analysis. We assist in supporting new and established family foundations and other philanthropic endeavors.

  • Estate & Succession Planning

    We gain a deep understanding of our clients’ circumstances and goals allowing us to guide the development of thoughtful, tax-efficient wealth transfer and trust management plans.

Human Capital

Our Human Capital Services support the vibrant development of our clients’ most precious resources, the human, intellectual, social, and creative capital of their family systems.

  • Mentoring & Personal Growth

    Chronicle provides learning and mentoring services to young people. We offer tools to help them discover gifts and interests, paths into career and calling and help them prepare for adulthood.

  • Financial Education

    People of all ages benefit from continuing to enhance their practical understanding of money, budgeting, charitable giving, investing, and more. Chronicle provides tools and coaching to help build these crucial skills.

  • Navigating Trusts

    Trusts are an aspect of many clients’ lives. As the “Office of the Beneficiary” we help build capabilities to be excellent beneficiaries, cultivating productive relationships with trustees and allowing trusts to enhance lives.

  • Lifelong Learning

    We facilitate a lifelong love of learning by providing clients with pertinent resources and exercises that inspire continuous growth.