Kristi Soares, CPA

Senior Relationship Team

Kristi Soares provides fiscal oversight for Chronicle Family Offices. Kristi brings over 18 years of experience in audit, senior financial, and accounting roles, allowing her to consolidate complex financial information into individualized, understandable, and concise reports designed to provide clients with a better picture of their financial world.

Prior to joining Chronicle, Kristi spent ten years as the Financial Controller for Agile RF, Inc., a private equity funded research & development/manufacturing company, working closely with the CEO and management to compile fiscal information, including cash management and cost accounting. Kristi also worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. A graduate of Valparaiso University in Indiana, Kristi also received her training as an accountant at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Prior to receiving her CPA, she had a separate career as a marketing manager.

Kristi has lived in many different places, including growing up as a missionary kid in the Philippines, teaching English in Slovakia, and living in various parts of the East Coast, Midwest, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. She currently resides in Santa Barbara with her husband John and dogs Baz and Bella.