Fast Facts

  • Where are your clients?

    While our headquarters are in Santa Barbara, California, we have client relationships all over the country. Many of our clients also have an international presence.

  • Do you manage money?

    We help clients develop and understand their investment programs and policies, and select and guide interactions with their investment professionals, as well as make business, financial and legacy planning decisions.

  • How do you charge?

    Because of the nature of long-term relationships, most clients pay a fixed monthly retainer for our time, with the understanding that we periodically review the mutual fairness of our fees. We do not charge based on the client’s assets because we firmly believe our role is to support people first.

  • Do you have a minimum account size?

    We do not have a minimum asset account size. Because our focus is on relationships, not assets, we are able to engage clients when we believe we can truly help them for a fair fee. We maintain a limited client base so that we can give the appropriate attention each client family deserves.

  • Does Chronicle serve as a trustee?

    No, Chronicle does not serve as a trustee. Many clients, however, have involved a Nevada trust company with which we have a relationship for trust services and trustee succession planning.